Lawsuit Tries to Silence Former Dave Roberts' Employees: Attorney

Harold Meza sued former employees critical of Roberts

An attorney hired by San Diego County says the claims made by a current employee of Supervisor Dave Roberts have zero validity.

Joseph Kutyla is the outside counsel hired by the county to defend Roberts' former Chief of Staff Glynnis Vaughan in a lawsuit brought against her by current Roberts’ employee Harold Meza.

Meza, a community representative in Roberts' office, filed a lawsuit against Vaughan and Roberts’ former scheduler Diane Porter for allegedly creating a hostile work environment for him. The women have filed claims against the county, identifying Meza in one suit as a “great source of consternation and turmoil amongst the staff.”

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One attorney familiar with the case told NBC 7 Kutyla’s filing is part of the legal battle lines being finalized over the office intrigues and controversies surrounding Roberts and his battling current and former staff members.

To date, three claims have been filed with the county by former employees of the Supervisor. The complaints allege Roberts did a poor job of managing his staff and misused his public office for political purposes. Roberts has denied these accusations.

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The 45-day deadline for the county to respond to these claims has wound down. County counsel has taken a public stance to fight any use of taxpayer money for a settlement.

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