Late Filers Get Early Start

The main U.S. Post Office in Midway is the only one that's planning to stay open until midnight on tax day -- for all you procrastinators.  People started driving through at 7 a.m., mailing their returns.

"Well I owe 'em money so I figured let's wait until the last second and pay it off," said one man as he reached towards the mailbox with an envelope.

Yeah, no one likes paying Uncle Sam.  But every year, it's the same process.  And for some that means waiting until the last possible day.

"We'll have mail handlers out here to collect their taxes," said Eva Jackson, the public information officer for the US Postal Office.  She says if you're one of those who plans to swing by tonight, dress in layers.  It's expected to be cold.

Jackson also warns people -- if you're mailing your returns in a mailbox, check what time the last pick up is because if you miss it, you've also missed the tax deadline.  And if you want absolute proof that you mailed it, you have to send it certified and ask for a return receipt.

Of course not everyone going through the line at the Post Office is mailing tax returns, or even filing for themselves.

"No, these are taxes for my children who are away at college," said Christina Starkey.  

What a good mother.

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