Last-Minute Shoppers Rush to Buy Thanksgiving Necessities

The afternoon rain contributed to even busier grocery store shopping on Wednesday. Last-minute shoppers said they had to rush to stores before the rain got started.

“I want to finish my shopping before the rain comes up, I don’t want to get wet!” One shopper told NBC 7.

A powerful storm system slid down the spine of California, pushing heavy rain through the Bay Area and Los Angeles before touching down in San Diego County.

Flash flooding, thunderstorms, and inches of snowfall were possible between Wednesday and Friday.

“I think we need the rain, it just happens to be a holiday,” Jack Jecker, a Spouts Farmers Market employee said.

NBC 7 spoke with customers who said they are ready to bring the party indoors and have their favorite dish on hand.

“It’s a traditional dessert from brazil with jelly, some whipped cream and pineapple!” Vanessa Souza said.

“We got organic turkey and put it in an infrared cooker and about two hours later you’re good to go!” Jecker exclaimed.

Shopper Nichole Kasper said her and her family were "literally running laps in our house," trying to get ready for the big day.

"The children are going nuts because we are either at home or we are at grocery stores and just running errands," Kasper said.

All the craziness had Kasper considering a different venue next year.

“Lets blow it off and lets go to Hawai'i… have a nice warm Thanksgiving and just eat a bunch of, like, kahlua pork instead," she said.

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