Stranger Offers La Jolla Children Candy

Woman told children God was inside containers filled with candy

Emily Feldman/The Feast

A woman approached students at La Jolla Elementary School Friday morning, prompting school officials to warn parents in an email.

While students were outside on the blacktop area of the school, a woman beckoned the children over to a nearby gate, according to the school warning. She handed them plastic cupcake and animal containers filled with sealed candy, and told them God was inside the containers.

A teacher called over the children and confiscated the items immediately. The woman then got into her car and yelled strange noises as she drove away in a deep red metallic Corvette.

An LJES site officer gathered the woman’s description, citing her as a thin woman in her late 40s/early 50s, with platinum blond hair, blue eyes and wearing “perfect” makeup.

The woman has not been seen since the incident.

LJES is a locked camped and no one is able to enter during the school day.

“We never have students anywhere on campus without adult supervision,” wrote Principal Donna Tripi.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call school police at 619-291-7678.

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