Children's Pool to Reopen After End of Pupping Season

The City of San Diego will reopen the Children's Pool in La Jolla to the public Tuesday.

The area was closed on December 15 to provide protection to the harbor seal population during the vulnerable pupping season. The season ends May 15.

There is an ongoing controversy to open or close the beach area in La Jolla where harbor seals rest and give birth to their young. The area is known as a prime spot to observe seals in San Diego.

On May 18, 2014, the San Diego City Council approved a decision to close the pool to the public during pupping season. The closure had been in effect since that approval in 2014.

Last May, an Orange County Superior Court ruling decided it was illegal for the Children’s Pool beach area to be closed to the public during pupping season.

Seal Conservancy advocates believe it should stay closed during pupping season to protect the animals and their pups from possible harassment by spectators who get too close in order to pose for photos. Opponents of the closure believe public access to the beach should be available all year.

Beginning Monday, the Children’s Pool in La Jolla will be closed to the public during harbor seal pupping season. While many see it as a good compromise, others aren’t too happy about it. NBC 7’s Matt Rascon reports on the latest chapter in this decades-long controversy.
A judge has ruled that closing off the La Jolla Children’s Pool is illegal. NBC 7’s Regina Ruiz reports on the long-standing controversy.
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