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Kids These Days: Local Graduates Discuss Life After High School

More than 6,000 seniors are graduating from San Diego Unified School District this year

High schools all around the county held graduation ceremonies today. NBC 7 talked to students to see what they plan to do in the near future. 

The University of San Diego was bustling with graduation caps, balloons, and proud parents Tuesday. Schools like Serra High School, and iHigh and Henry High School held their ceremonies there. 

"It's going to be really fun," said Ethan Barnard, 18, at the Serra High School graduation on Tuesday. "A little bit nervous." 

But what comes after the diploma? Most of the students we talked to were thrilled to be going to college. 

"I'm going to UCSD and I'm going to be an electrical engineer," said Barnard. 

Other students said they wanted to become doctors and psychologists. 

Times have changed for high school students: nowadays with cell phones and social media, kids say it's hard to stay focused in class. 

"There's a lot of people that stay on their phone," said Linda Villatoro, 17, "They don't socialize. There is a lot of bullying. It's kind of sad actually." 

But students said chasing their dreams keeps them on track. 

Villatoro added she wants to major in Biology. 

"I'm super excited to attend San Diego State University," said Andrea Torres, 18. "I come from a very poor community and so I see myself doing something for the people in my community." 

Tomorrow Scripps Ranch high school, morse high school, and lincoln high school seniors are graduating.
University city high school and mira mesa high school will also be having ceremonies

On Wednesday, Scripps Ranch High School, Morse High School, and Lincoln High School seniors are graduating. University City High School and Mira Mesa High School will also be holding ceremonies. 

More than 6,000 seniors are graduating from San Diego Unified School District this year.

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