Carlsbad Woman Faces Jury Again in Husband's Killing

Opening statements begin today, for the retrial of a North County woman who killed her husband.

Jason Harper, a math teacher at Carlsbad High School, was found dead inside his home in August 2012. Investigators found Harper's body buried in clutter in the master bedroom.

When she was tried on first-degree murder charges, Julie Harper told jurors she shot her husband because she feared he would kill or rape her.

Prosecutors argued Harper was spiteful over the marriage and had just filed for divorce in the days before the killing. They questioned why, if she were innocent, she would bury the gun and not immediately report the shooting to police.

A jury acquitted her of those charges last October but deadlocked on lesser charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Now, Julie Harper will be tried on second-degree murder charges.

The Harpers' children were in the home watching cartoons in a separate room when their father was killed.

At 8 and 6 years old, the children told investigators they heard a thump and heard their father yell, officials said.

Harper took the children for coffee and sandwiches, tried to set up a play date with a neighbor, stopped at a children's activity center and then arranged for her sister to watch the kids during the afternoon, prosecutors said.

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