Jerry Lewis Fights Illegal Immigration

WASHINGTON -- A Republican lawmaker from California wants the U.S. to do more to try to put a stop to the drug violence plaguing Mexico.
Congressman Jerry Lewis said he thinks the problem is a "lot more important" at the moment than what's happening in Afghanistan. In an interview with The Associated Press, Lewis faults the Pentagon for not giving it a higher priority.
About 7,000 people have been killed over the past year in the Mexican drug wars and there have been reports of cartel members settling scores in such far-flung places as Phoenix, Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala.
Lewis said, for one thing, the military ought to be using helicopters to patrol the borders, backing up Homeland Security drones.
A spokesman for the Pentagon said the U.S. is concerned about the escalating cartel violence and has been working with Mexican officials to deal with the shared threat, including training and counter-narcotics help.

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