‘Jackass’ Star Pranks San Diego Beachgoers


“Jackass” prankster Steve-O visited San Diego again, this time targeting sunbathers on a local beach. In the clip targeted to YouTube, lifeguards step in and interrupt the prank saying it was "kinda indecent."

Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, walks up to supposedly unsuspecting sunbathers on the sand in Encinitas and pretends to urinate on them or near them.

More often than not he's immediately recognized and the would-be victim laughs it off or even asks for a picture with the MTV star.

The prank is eventually ended when Steve-O appears to be escorted to the nearby lifeguard tower.

Last May, the jokester was given a $239 traffic citation for a prank aimed at SeaWorld.

Over the word “Drive” on an exit sign along southbound Interstate 5, he taped up a “SUCKS” banners so the sign said “Sea World SUCKS” for a time.

Caltrans says when they ripped off the tape, it pulled off the reflective material on the sign. For that reason, the California Highway Patrol originally submitted charges of vandalism and trespassing against Steve-O.

PETA vowed to pay any fines incurred by the prank, which the organization calls “spot on.”

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