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‘It Keeps Replaying': Student Came Face to Face With Suspected Burglar

The victim told NBC 7 that she wishes her building was more secure in general.

A young student came face to face with a suspected burglar in her apartment near San Diego State University Monday night.

“It's really scary and--sorry, I'm like emotional--it keeps replaying in my head," the student, identified as Chrissy, told NBC 7.

At about 10:20 p.m., Chrissy was in her bedroom when the man walked in.

“I was on my bed with a blanket, and like my laptop on me, and my door just started opening,” she said.

She didn’t expect to see anyone when she looked up.

“I was like hello, and then I saw a man's head just like peeping around behind the door," Chrissy said.

When the man saw her, he turned around and left. She said her roommate's iPad is now missing. San Diego Police said her apartment is not the only place the suspect hit. Another iPhone disappeared from a separate unit.

San Diego State University officials emailed students with information regarding the incident. They asked students to be aware of their surroundings and keep windows and doors secured.

But Chrissy said she wishes her building was more secure in general. While there are cameras in the garage, and by the leasing office, she believes there should be more protections in place.

“If there were cameras on each of the hallways, like that would be a lot better so we would feel more secure," she added.

Chrissy and other students told NBC 7 that from now on they are going to pay extra close attention to their surroundings.

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