Inflation Causing San Diegans to Scramble

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Inflation is running hot and just about everyone is feeling the burn.

“The meat, and everyday products, like everything [has gone up],” said Aracely Cuevas, Logan Heights resident.

A trip to the grocery store has gotten pretty pricey for people like Cuevas.

Gas. Housing. Power. Daycare. A lot of people are in the same boat and most of them are trying to stay afloat. NBC 7's Joe Little reports.

“I am spending $30 more than I used to spend at the store,” she said.

The increased prices have forced Aracely to review her budget and cut a few things out.

“We usually, you know, do, like, stuff that doesn't require a lot of meat, so we can save more money,” said Cuevas.

And she’s working more hours, to keep up with the rising costs 

“You don't get to spend time with your kids, but I mean, you have to do it,” said Cuevas.

A challenge that has some San Diegans wondering if the prices will ever come back down. 

“I’m just hoping it gets better, you know,” said Ivan Alfaro, Logan Heights resident. “I don't know, I don't know what to do.”

Alfaro says he has also had to make some lifestyle changes to be able to keep up with the rising costs. Costs that financial experts say won’t change quickly.

“Food prices are being impacted by a variety of different things right now, certainly, there's a shortage of labor at this point, which is pushing up labor costs for food manufacturers and so on,” said Doug Wright, chief financial officer for Mission Federal Credit Union. “And that probably isn't going to get resolved really quickly.”

Fortunately, there are some things you can do now to help ease the burden. 

“Take a close look at where you're shopping for food and that's a possible option,” said Wright. “When you go into the store, you know there are various things you can do. Certainly, you can buy in bulk or buy extra sale items.”

if you are thinking of buying a car Wright suggests you hold off for a few months. He says prices should go down later in the year and going into 2023.

He also recommends you avoid any major remodeling or construction projects right now, as he says the industry is in high demand.

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