San Diego

Increase in Fleas Plaguing Pets In San Diego

If it seems like lately your pet can't catch a break with fleas, you are not alone. Experts said Monday there's been an increase in the pesky insects recently in San Diego.

“We are quite hopeless about the flea business," said San Diego resident, Wanda Zack, whose dog, Dixie, has been having problems lately. "She's scratching all the time. We don't know where to go or who to ask."

Now that California is out of the drought, it could explain why there's be an uptick in fleas, according to local experts.

“With all the rain California has been getting, there’s more vegetation out. It’s not as dry. Fleas don’t like dry," said Dr. Grafton Houston, a veterinarian in TierraSanta.  “They hide in the soil, or the carpets, or the grass, so the more humid it is, the happier they are.”

Dr. Houston added that because the weather is so desirable in San Diego, fleas are more likely to be a problem for pets. He recommends a once-a-month oral treatment for dogs and cats year-round as a preventative measure.

Other experts recommend a flea collar for a less expensive alternative. They can be purchased over-the-counter in convenience stores.

For anyone with fleas in the home, they can bite humans and cause bumps that can sometimes lead to infections. Dr. Houston said these fleas are usually in the carpets and will not be a problem if the pet of the house is treated properly.

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