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‘I Want My Dog Back' : Dognappers Caught in Home Surveillance

Update on July 2, 2019: Snuffles has been reunited with the Morales family. Ashley Morales told NBC 7 a man returned the dog to her who said the suspected theives sold him the four-month-old pup for $200.  When the man saw this story, he contacted the family. 

A Spring Valley family is desperate to get their dog back after they say burglars broke into their home, while their children were inside, and stole their puppy.

While showing a video of her beloved Snuffles, a 4-month-old Pekachu (Pekingese and Shi Tzu), Ashley Morales shared how he filled her life with joy. Morales says she wanted another child, but her husband said get a dog first.

“I wanted something little that needed me and he filled that void for me,” said Morales. “He was the best puppy ever."

Morales suspects Snuffles was dognapped by a man and woman caught on camera walking out of her condo with a flat screen and jewelry.

“You can take all the stuff you want. I don't care about my TV or jewelry, I can get that stuff. But the bond I had with that dog, I don’t think I’ll ever find,” she said.

Morales says while one man stood watch, a man and woman made their way in and out of her condo off Madrid Way multiple times, just after 9 a.m. Sunday. She says the violating crime happened while she and her husband made a quick run to the store.

A watchful neighbor alerted her landlord who then called the Moraleses and told them there were strange people around her home.

Morales and her husband raced home concerned about their 13 and 11-year-old kids. She says fortunately they were asleep upstairs and were not harmed.

“It makes you thankful,” she said. “It could have been one of my kids instead of my dog and, thankfully, it wasn't. But now that everything is said and done, I want my dog back.”

Morales says her dog is microchipped.

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