Human Rights Activists Protest Kony 2012

Groups hope to call attention to violations in Uganda not mentioned in Invisible Children documentary

A group of human rights activists gathered outside the headquarters of the non-profit group Invisible Children on Saturday, calling attention to issues they claim were ommited from the Kony 2012 documentary.

The viral Kony 2012 video highlighted abuses by a rebel army in Uganda called the LRA. It gained worldwide attention and criticism for its portrayal of the dictator, Joseph Kony and his use of child soldiers.

While the groups at Saturday's protest also support human rights in Uganda, they disagree with the message of the Kony 2012 film, and say it discredits the work of many acitivists who worked to end the abuses of the Ugandan dictator.

They also believe attention should be focused on the ongoing human rights violations in the country, instead of the LRA, which they say has agreed to peace talks.

The Campaign to End Genocide in Uganda...Now and Friends for Peace in Africa organized the protest Saturday from noon until three at the downtown headquarters.

The groups wore red and carried red placards. They said the protest would give people a chance to disagree with the message of Kony 2012.

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