How to Save Money With Airline Baggage Fees

With holiday travels approaching, NBC 7 Responds has some tips for flyers looking to cut down or skip airline baggage fees.

It has been less than 10 years since the airlines started charging for every checked bag and now, the new fees can add hundreds of dollars to your next vacation budget. 

With travelers looking for ways to cut down or skip those fees, NBC 7 Responds has some tips this holiday season: 

  • Freeload on the Freebies: Child car seats and strollers are checked for free. Before you zip them up in their travel bags, pack some items inside. 

  • Avoid Paying for Heavy Bags: Pack your heaviest items in your carry-on, that way you don’t get stuck paying an overweight charge if your checked bag goes over the 50-pound limit. 

  • Wear Your Luggage: If you have a jacket with multiple pockets, pack those full and wear the jacket. You can stow it once you’re settled in. 

  • Book Tickets with Airline Credit Card: More often these days, carriers will waive baggage fees for airline cardholders and their companions. 

  • Check Airline Mile Offers: Sometimes, carriers will offer free checked bags if you reach a certain limit of air miles. Check with the airline to see if they have an offer like this. 

  • Consider A Seat Upgrade: It might sound silly that a first-class upgrade could help you save money but if you expect to bring a lot of bags, flying first-class might be the same price as flying coach. Some carriers waive baggage fees for first-class flyers.
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