How Safe Of a Thanksgiving Chef Are You, Really?

San Diego County's quiz puts this year's chefs on a test of their culinary skills


If you volunteered to take on the daunting task of hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year or if you’re nervous that your eccentric cousin who is a strong advocate for the five-second rule decided to cook Thursday’s feast, you can sigh in relief since San Diego County released a quiz testing this year’s chefs in their cooking knowledge.

In a humorous and informative quiz, culinary artists and hopefuls can test their skills in cooking before serving their loved ones what could be the biggest feast of the year.

The quiz asks participants about proper ways to thaw frozen meat, basic cleanliness practices, cross-contamination prevention and more.

Practicing good hygiene and following food safety rules can help prevent any foodborne illnesses like salmonella, E. coli or listeria from arising. No chef wants to hear their food from Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving made someone sick, so it’s advised they brush up on their knowledge.

Before this year’s cooks head to the kitchen to prep Thanksgiving meals, they can click here to take the county’s quiz.

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