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Homeless Man Armed With Skateboard Sends Two to Hospital With Brain Bleeds: SDPD

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A homeless man assaulted two people in City Heights with a skateboard on Tuesday afternoon, sending them both to intensive care.

Police said the first man was struck in the head just before 1 p.m. in the 4100 block of Fairmount Avenue, between Polk and Orange avenues, about two blocks north of SDPD's Mid City Division station. Fifteen minutes later and just three blocks away at 44th Street and University Avenue, a second man was also struck in the head with a skateboard by the suspect, police told NBC 7.

Surveillance cameras from a store on the northeast corner off University and 44th caught the second attack. The victim can be seen walking southbound on west sidewalk while pushing what appeared to be a stroller or cart. The attacker trailed behind walking slightly faster and picking up ground, with his skateboard swinging at his side. As they approached University, the assailant swing the skateboard at the head of the victim and the blow sent the victim to the ground.

About a minute-and-a-half before the attack, an SDPD officer can be seen driving northbound on 44th Street.

Both victims are now hospitalized with brain bleeds, according to authorities.

The victim in the second attack was identified by friends as Jesus Estrada

A witness told police that they thought the attacks were completely unprovoked and random. Officers said they believed that neither of the the men knew their attacker.

The suspect allegedly man assaulted two people in City Heights on Tuesday afternoon, sending them both to intensive care.

Shockingly, police said the suspect had been recently released early from jail, where he had also been held on an assault-with-a deadly weapon charge, that time for allegedly striking a victim with a pole. That victim, police said, also appeared to be chosen at random and required hospitalization as well.

SDPD identified the suspect as a homeless man who was arrested after returning to the scene of the Fairmont Avenue attack while police were investigating.

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