Hit-and-Run Driver Sought in Hillcrest

A man was seriously injured near 6th and Evans in Hillcrest around 8:20 p.m.

A pedestrian flew into the air after he was struck in a hit-and-run collision on a Hillcrest street police said.

San Diego police officers were searching for a brown Nissan or Toyota with front end damage and Illinois license plates.

They say a vehicle fitting that description struck a man in his 40s near 6th and Evans in Hillcrest around 8:20 p.m. Monday.

“The vehicle that was following behind the suspect vehicle actually saw the man's body flying in the air and land on the ground,” said Lt. David Rohowits. “That person stopped as well as several other witnesses.”

Officials say the man was struck as he stepped into the street outside of the crosswalk.

The suspect vehicle swerved to avoid the man, but couldn't according to witnesses.

Instead the driver hit the victim at a high rate of speed and took off leaving the man unconscious with severe head trauma and a broken arm police said.

Eugene Shapiro told NBC 7 San Diego he heard the crash and saw the person on the ground.

“The car just took off right away. Didn't stop for a moment. I ran over to make sure he was alive,” Shapiro said.

Investigators will be checking surveillance video from nearby restaurants. They said they will also continue questioning witnesses to the crash. 

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