Hillcrest Man Speaks After Being Shot During Robbery

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A Hillcrest man is recovering after being shot during a robbery. Jack Castillo survived the shooting, but now the British immigrant is worried about paying his medical bills.

“I fell to the floor. He wrestled a fanny pack off me. He got my passport, my green card, my air pods, my house keys, my work keys, everything,” Castillo said.

The shooting happened early Friday on 6th Avenue. Castillo says he was talking on his phone after leaving a bar. The attacker came from behind and demanded Castillo’s fanny pack. Castillo didn’t give it up and that’s when the suspect shot Castillo in the leg.

On Sunday morning, Castillo was still in the hospital after undergoing surgery.

“I vaguely remember hitting him and getting the phone from him. I must not have known I was shot. I didn’t see blood until the ambulance was coming it just all happened so quickly,” Castillo said.

Witnesses called for help and gave police a description of the suspect.

“There was a couple which I wish I could thank them. They saw the car he drove away in,” Castillo said.

It’s still a long road to recovery. Castillo says he'll be using a walker for the next two months. He'll have to miss work as well.

“I was working two jobs every day for the past five weeks until this happened,” said Castillo.

On top of everything, Castillo does not have health insurance. Friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page that has been raising money to help pay his bills. The shooting has turned his life upside down, but Castillo is still able to see the positive side of his story.

“Everyone at the hospital is so kind and caring. The community and everything, it’s just been so nice,” said Castillo as he shed tears.

“I’m just really grateful for everyone,” Castillo added.

Detectives from Western Division responded to the scene and will be handling the investigation. No arrests have been made.

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