San Diego

San Marcos Man Goes to Prison for Child Molestation, Drug and Gun Charges

A San Marcos man was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison for child molestation, giving cocaine to a minor and a gun charge. 

Kyle Hackney was arrested on Aug. 25 for offering drugs and money to girls while making inappropriate sexual requests. He was also accused of possessing a loaded handgun and furnishing a controlled substance to minors. 

Hackney went to places where girls and boys would hang out and offer drugs, liquid ecstasy, large amounts of cash to children between 13 and 17, according to investigators. 

Hackney promised children they could make easy money, said deputies.

The San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force is searching for additional victims and witnesses.

Anyone with information related to this case can call the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force or Crime Stoppers at (888)580-8477.

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