Good Samaritan Returns $200 Cash Found in Envelope

What would you do if you found an envelope filled with cash?

It happened to Tracy Lipscomb of Torrey Highlands on Monday. She decided to turn it in, hoping that the rightful owner would claim it.

Lipscomb said she was shopping at a commissary on Marine Corps Air Station this week when she discovered the envelope on the bathroom floor.

“I took a peek in and noticed it was some money so I thought I need to find the person who left this because they’re probably looking for this," said Lipscomb. 

Lipscomb estimates there was over $200 in the envelope.

She turned it into a cashier in charge of guarding lost items at the commissary. As of Wednesday afternoon, no one has claimed the cash.

“It didn’t even cross my mind to actually keep it," Lipscomb added. “It’s the way I live my life: Live a life of integrity, do the right thing, treat people respectfully.” 

Lipscomb has also posted to the Next Door app, trying to find the owner. 

UPDATE: Lipscomb reached out to NBC 7 to say that the person who lost the money has been found. According to Lipscomb, a woman lost it when she was helping her elderly mother in the bathroom and was very thankful to get the money back. 

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