Girl Killed When Pushing Toddler Out of Way Honored as Carnegie Hero

A 10-year-old girl killed when she pushed a toddler out of the way of a moving car, saving her life, has been honored for her extraordinary heroism by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. 

Kiera Larsen died Feb. 22, 2016 as she was playing outside her home with friends. A Mercedes parked in a yard slid down the hill toward the group of kids, and Kiera, 10, shoved a 2-year-old out of its path, saving her, officers said.

On Tuesday, Larsen was named one of 21 recipients across the U.S. and Canada of the Carnegie Medal this quarter for outstanding civilian heroism. 

"The medal is given to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others," according to the Fund Commission.

Larsen's family will receive a financial grant as part of the award. 

In 2016, 93 people have been given the award. 

Earlier this year, the California State Assembly recognized the Kiera's heroic actions with a memorial resolution.

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