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Getting Prepared for Wildfire Season: County Office of Emergency Services Reaches Out to People at Risk

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services prepares for wildfires as a Santa Ana takes shape.

California Wildfires

As we get into peak wildfire season, the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services is working to make sure residents in at-risk areas are prepared.

They are urging people who live in areas prone to wild-fires to keep on eye on their mail. They will be sending out "Personal Disaster Plan" templates next week to businesses and neighborhoods considered to be the most vulnerable this wildfire season.

Santa Ana conditions appearing in Southern California

Santa Ana winds are expected to peak Sunday night. They say these winds could reach speeds of about 30 to 40 miles per hour and that there will be lower humidity: the perfect conditions for wildfires to start.

These disaster plans have been redesigned and updated to cover all kinds of disasters-not just wildfires. They're asking people to fill-out these forms so that people can develop a plan for their home or business in the event of an emergency.

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services says having a plan and practicing that plan can significantly increase your chances of staying calm in these kinds of disasters.

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