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From Bike Path to Psych Ward: Cyclist Settles with City After Rough Arrest

From a bike path to a psych ward -- a North County cyclist shared the story of his shocking arrest that led to a $50,000 settlement with the city.

In February of 2018, Charles Goodsell was about half way through his 50-mile ride when an encounter with a San Diego Police Department officer took a really bad turn.

Goodsell didn't stop at a stop sign in La Jolla and a police officer sitting about a football field away saw it. As the 64-year-old pedaled up the hill, the officer pulled his cruiser in front of him to make him stop.

The situation escalated quickly.

The officer arrested Goodsell by force, throwing him on the hood of his patrol car and then into the back seat.

"If it didn't happen to me I never would've believed it could've happened,” Goodsell said. “I had no idea what was going on, that they'd classified me as a psych case, 5150. I was put under a 5150 hold, had no idea until I was admitted.”

The arrest report includes a mental health supplemental - with multiple boxes checked -- but after an hour and a half at a mental hospital doctors cleared Goodsell of any psychological concerns.

The officer says Goodsell resisted arrest and was the one acting irrationally, but he was never charged, cited, or fined for any wrong doing and recently received a $50,000 settlement.

He says he feels vindicated, especially after being told the officer was taken off the streets and reassigned to desk duty.

SDPD said its internal affairs department has started an investigation, but because it's still open they cannot comment on specifics.

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