Former San Diego Rep. Pardoned, Chula Vista Woman's Sentence Commuted in President Trump's Final Hours

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In his final hours as president, Donald Trump granted full or conditional pardons to 73 people and commuted sentences for 70 more, and at least two people with San Diego ties were beneficiaries of the outgoing Commander and Chief's generosity.

Former U.S. Representative Randall "Duke" Cunningham was given a conditional pardon Tuesday, according to the White House. Cunningham represented California's 44th District (1991-1993), the 51st District (1993-2003) and the 50th District (2003-2005).

Cunningham was sentenced to eight years behind bars for accepting bribes as an elected official and was released from prison in 2013.

The White House said Cunningham tutored his fellow inmates while incarcerated, helping many of them achieve their GED.

His pardon was supported by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the White House said.

Among President Trump's commutation recipients was former Chula Vista businesswoman Adriana Shayota.

Shayota was convicted of conspiracy to traffic counterfeit goods, copyright infringement, and introducing misbranded food into interstate commerce, according tot eh White House.

Federal Prosecutors said Shayota and others manufactured and distributed counterfeit 5-Hour Energy drinks that were sold in stores across the U.S.

“The defendants mixed unregulated ingredients in plastic vats while attempting to mimic the real 5-Hour Energy products,” the the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Shayota's commutation was supported by Chula Vista Deputy Mayor John McCann, according to the White House.

"During her time in prison, Ms. Shayota mentored those who wanted to improve their lives and demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to rehabilitation," the White House said.

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