Floods Force 3 Families Out of Homes

Twelve people in all were displaced in San Carlos

San Diego's heavy rainfall has flooded several homes in San Carlos, forcing three families to evacuate.

The storm waters rose throughout the weekend in the 7900 block of Beaver Lake Drive. 

By 6:45 p.m. Saturday, residents reported water flooding inside three homes. In some spots, the levels reached up to electrical outlets, according to San Diego Police. 

Twelve people in all were displaced: six adults and six kids.

Resident Madelyn Aguilar had to cut a girls' weekend in Coronado short when she got a call that the flooding had turned her home into a dirty mess. 

"It is overwhelming, and thank God my daughter wasn't home alone," said Aguilar. 

Her neighbor quickly jumped in to help and brought over pumps to get as much water out as they could. 

Homeowner Dean Talbot said his whole backyard filled up like a lake, and others report their rooms were completely under water.

Firefighters believe the culprit that caused the flooding was a clogged culvert running behind the homes. 

"Probably debris in the ditch. It's hard to say. At this point, the water's still too high to see where the entrance is," said Cpt. Tim Wilson. 

Residents say the drain is poorly maintained by the city. It is supposed to drain freely, but overgrown treens and debris plugged it up.

"[I] had been on the city for a long time to try and get this easement, this flood canal cleaned out and they haven't done it, and if that was cleaned out, no one in the neighborhood would've been flooded," said homeowner Karen Knarr.

Talbot said another downpour will send streams flooding into their homes until the drain is unclogged. 

"I'm angry at the city because they didn't clean it up, and there's been numerous phone calls from neighbors, and this could all have been avoided," said Talbot.

NBC 7 called the city's public utitlies department, but it was closed Sunday so calls have not been returned.

But as resident Mackenna Kull packed up her belongings to spend the night elsewhere, she decided to see a silver lining in the whole ordeal. 

"I like my house, I like my room, I like all of my possessions, but I mean, nobody was hurt, and that's what it comes down to," said Kull.

There is no word on a damage estimate.

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