Female Super Heroes Make Mark at Comic-Con

A sequel to the blockbuster hit "Wonder Woman" is now in the works

For years, names like Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Ironman have dominated Comic Con, but some fans are saying this is the year of the woman.

This year you couldn’t walk through the convention center without seeing a Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl.

“Oh Wonder Woman, she's my favorite,” A couple of super heroes in training told NBC 7. “ I like her cause she's so independent and fights for what she wants."

At this year’s Comic-Con, these superwomen say they've noticed more female-focused panels, especially on this last final day.

“Finally they're having women [at the] forefront, powerful, kicking guys butts!” a Catwoman clad attendee, Meg Kelly, exclaims.

These female forces are a nice change in such a male-dominated industry, says attendee Kelly Thomas.

“I've really struggled to find comics that they're in,” she says. “There's just not a lot of female leads that aren't hypersexualized, and I don't like that."

The convention has taken heat in the past after some cosplayers raised concerns over sexual harassment.

Comic Con says it has gone to great lengths to create a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees with its large security and police presence, and panels titled "Women of Marvel," “Raising Heroic Girls,” and “Comics Arts Conference #15: Fangirls” add a sense of inclusion.

“It's exciting being a woman, being a nerd loving this environment. It makes you feel a lot more welcome,” Kelly agrees.

The trend is showing at the box office, too. This summer’s "Wonder Woman" blockbuster broke the record as the highest grossing live action film directed by a woman.

Comic-Con officially ended Sunday and will return July 18th, 2018 – hopefully with a lot of girl power.

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