FBI Probes Woman's Escape That Led to Medical Emergency in Downtown San Diego

The FBI said a woman escaped from custody downtown, triggering the chaotic scene that followed
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The Federal Bureau of Investigations has opened an investigation into a chaotic incident in downtown San Diego involving two of their agents and a woman who allegedly escaped from custody and suffered a medical emergency on Saturday.

The FBI said the woman, who has not been identified, was being taken to the detention center at 220 W. C Street to be processed on felony charges of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl when she escaped out of the back of an unmarked vehicle.

Video taken by a group of people who were protesting an unrelated arrest nearby shows the moment the restrained woman runs out of the vehicle and shouts for help. The group of protesters at first appear confused as the two plainclothes FBI agents chase after. After a brief moment, the agents make contact with her again but the crowd surrounds the agents and begins to shout, "Unhand her," and, "Get off of her."

The graphic video had amassed more than 10,000 views on YouTube since it was posted on Saturday.

It's unclear what happened before the four-minute edited video began, and much of the video is captured from within the chaotic crowd, so it's difficult to determine what is happening during every moment of the video.

The FBI said their agents were attempting to "walk back to the vehicle but were immediately surrounded by the crowd." They said protesters pulled on both the agents and the woman.

The video appears to show the agents and people in the crowd pulling on the woman's arms. The crowd closes in at that point and it is difficult to see what happens next.

About 30 seconds later, the woman can be seen shaking on the ground. A few protesters attempt to provide her with medical aid while the agents stand nearby.

The FBI said the crowd "encircled the woman and physically blocked the agents' access to take custody of the woman or otherwise assist her."

Moments later, the agents can be seen walking back to the unmarked patrol vehicle while the woman remained on the ground. It's unclear what her condition was at that moment.

The FBI said the agents retreated to de-escalate the situation and request additional assistance. Several members of the crowd follow the agents back to their vehicle demanding their names and badge numbers.

The video cuts off when the agents return to their vehicle, and it's unclear what happened next.

The FBI said they remained at the scene and coordinated the transport of the woman to a local hospital.

The woman, who was first arrested by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, was transferred to FBI agents because she had a 2019 federal warrant out for her arrest, according to the FBI.

Her current condition was not known.

The FBI said they have opened an investigation into the matter but did not disclose if the agents' status during the investigation.


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