Fans Selling Out in San Diego Amid Constant Hot Weather

Grocery Outlet is having a run on fans.

“Customers are telling me Walmart doesn't have any, Home Depot doesn't have any and they're coming to us to buy them,” Marc Aronshon who works at Grocery Outlet in Imperial Beach says.

The constant heat and humidity have caused a fan shortage across San Diego, and those without air conditioning are hunting wherever they to find relief from the weather.

Aronsohn says not only fans, but ice and water are flying off the shelves as well. “Those three categories for us are going crazy,” he says.

“It’s been super-hot and humid and we work right over there at Bayside Steam Academy and we're just picking up Otter Pops for our students so they can cool off,” Tanya Knight-Kelly who was shopping at Grocery Outlet tells NBC 7.

Aronshon says he plans ahead every year for “fan season,” usually between August and September. “Especially when the Santa Ana winds come to San Diego, people are in need of fans with the summer being exceedingly hot already,” he adds.

NBC 7 called Walmart, Home Depot and other stores nearby, which were all sold out.

Aronshon anticipates with hotter days to come that he’ll be selling out soon as well. “Buy a fan before you need because once they're gone in San Diego they're gone,” he says.

The store owner says he just got a shipment of 50 more fans, which are on the shelves for customers now and he hopes to get 90 more in the next couple of days.

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