Chargers Fans Come Together to Thank Team

After the Chargers ended their season with a close loss in Denver Sunday night, a group of loyal fans rallied outside Chargers Park to welcome them back from Colorado.

For many it was an emotional night as lifelong fans cheered in support of the team that may be leaving them.

"I wanted to show our players that we love them and that we appreciate them for everything that they've done for this city, for the community and for us fans," organizer Debra Zettelmier told NBC 7. "We grew up with the Chargers and a lot of us who didn't have a lot in life had the Chargers to look up to," she added holding back tears.

The Chargers have had a famously rough season, and combined with the fact they may be leaving for LA, it’s been a tough season for fans – to say the least.

"I believe that people need to see - not a dollar sign that could be obviously accumulated by a move, but by the love and camaraderie that can bring a city together by them staying," Chargers fan Lorenzo Moralez explained. "I grew up as an the Chargers played a vital part in me growing up. From them holding Christmas events, Thanksgiving events...they're more than just a team that plays for 60 minutes on Sunday." 

“NFL football is supposed to be a source of civic pride, entertainment and fun. This season has been an awful experience that most consider to be worse than the 1-15 season. Chargers fans don’t even have the luxury of saying ‘Oh well next year’. We can’t do that,” said David Agranoff co-founder of Save Our Bolts “This season is brutal; we want the owners and the league to understand that this community cares about the team much more than wins and losses. We have not given up. A strong show of support will be noticed.”

First organized by a single Chargers fan, then endorsed by Save Our Bolts, dozens of fans gathered around 8:30 p.m. Sunday to show their support for San Diego's team.

“For this night they’re our San Diego Chargers and I can promise they will never get this kind of support in LA. It’s about the fans and the team,” Johnny Abundez of Save Our Bolts.

The Chargers have called San Diego home since 1961.

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