Fans Pay Respects Outside Jackson’s Tomb

New Castle County Police

Thousands of fans filed past Michael Jackson's tomb Friday at Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park to mark one year since the pop star's death.

As of 6:15 a.m., there were only four people outside the cemetery. By 8 a.m., a large crowd had gathered.

Although parking was tight and reaching the mausoleum required a lengthy uphill hike, about 2,000 people filed past the singer's final resting place by late morning, said Glendale police Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

Jackson's body was placed in the Great Mausoleum -- an exclusive tomb that is also the final resting place of luminaries including Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Carole Lombard, Jimmy Stewart, Mary Pickford, Walt Disney, Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr.

Access to the mausoleum was restricted, but fans who wanted to pay respects to Jackson were permitted to walk in front of the mausoleum and leave flowers in a designated area.

Cemetery officials and Glendale police made it clear they did not want the event to turn into a public spectacle. While fans were allowed to leave flowers, the list of prohibited items included doves, video cameras, candles, balloons, spinners, statues, posters and incense.

Outside, the crowd was generally peaceful, carrying sunflowers, letters and bouquets. Items were handed to workers, who placed them in a designated area.

In Hollywood, the wax likeness of Jackson was on display for free in the courtyard of Madame Tussauds on Hollywood Boulevard, about 100 feet from Jackson's star on the Walk of Fame.

Another event paying tribute to Jackson is scheduled Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton.

"I know that Michael would be very honored and very pleased that his fans all over the world are coming together to celebrate his life," Jackson's mother, Katherine, said in a video posted on YouTube. "And I'd also like to thank friends all over the world for the love and support that they have given me and my family this last year. Thank you very much, we all love you. And if Michael was here, he would say, I love you more."

According to VoicePlate Productions, which is sponsoring the event along with the Jackson Family Foundation, part of the proceeds from Saturday's event will be presented to some of Jackson's favorite charities.

"This red-carpet event will be dedicated to the humanitarian efforts of Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer of all time," according to a statement on VoicePlate's website. "The vision is to bring together Michael Jackson family members, celebrities, fans, supporters and the community to celebrate and honor his legacy. We have all shared in Michael's message, and now we encourage all of you the world over to join us in continuing to spotlight Michael's endeavors by making a conscious effort to help save our planet."

The party will also serve as the premiere release event for Katherine Jackson's book, "Never Can Say Goodbye." Among those expected to perform at the event are The Chi Lites and Genevieve Jackson, the daughter of Michael's brother Randy.

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