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Family Will Donate Chula Vista 4-Year-Old's Brain to Tumor Research

Her eyes will also be donated to a child who needs them.

Ashley Moreno, a precious 4-year-old Chula Vista girl who has been fighting a  tumor found on her brain stem in March, has passed away, according to her family.

Since her diagnosis, Ashley's parents have been going above and beyond trying to make their sweet daughter's dreams come true. With the help of the Chula Vista Fire Department, Ashley got to be a princess for a day last month.


Her family says her brain will be donated to a research institution so that it can be studied, and her eyes will be donated to a deserving child who needs them.

Back in March, Ashley's teacher called her parents Linda Martinez and Jesus Moreno to tell them about changes she noticed in the usually happy, energetic, healthy girl. She said Ashley couldn’t keep her balance and would often stumble and fall when she walked.

A trip to the doctor's office quickly became a race to save Ashley's life.

A Chula Vista family is rallying around a preschooler who was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor and had her life turned upside down in less than two weeks. NBC 7's Catherine Garcia reports.

Ashley's entire family was blindsided by the diagnosis. A CT scan revealed a tumor on Ashley’s brain stem.

Ashley was transferred to a Los Angeles hospital for treatment by a team specializing in her type of tumor. Despite unrelenting prayer, Ashley's prognosis worsened.

"At the end of the day, whether it be today, tonight or tomorrow or the day after, she's not gonna be here anymore with us," Ashley's father told NBC 7 in July.

Her parents spent every day in the hospital at Ashley's bedside, and made sure to remind anyone seeing their story that live is precious.

"Don't wait 'til tomorrow to tell your kids you love them. Don't wait untiltomorrow to give them a hug or tell them how proud you are of them. Tomorrow you may not have that chance."

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help support Ashley's family. Both of her parents have not been able to work since her diagnosis.

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