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Families of Victims Hurt in Chicano Park Crash File Claims Against City

A total of eight claims were filed against the City of San Diego related to the deadly crash where a truck dove off the Coronado bridge.

Family members and victims injured after a suspected drunk driver plunged off the Coronado bridge into the crowd below have filed claims against the City of San Diego.

The claims state that the city failed to maintain safe premises to prevent vehicles flying off the Coronado Bridge into Chicano Park.

A growing memorial marks the spot where a suspected drunk driver flew off the bridge and landed in Chicano Park back on Saturday, Oct. 15 last year.

Three sisters lost their parents Cruz and AnnaMarie Contreras in the crash. Their attorney, Jose de Jesus Rivera, filed claims against the city of San Diego on behalf of each daughter.

Another five claims filed on April 6 are from people who were injured after the crash. Those claims were filed by attorneys for Ruben Carrillo, Victor Garcia, Flora Gonzalez, Olivia Magana and Annette Trujillo.

Similarly, two of their claims say that the City of San Diego was negligent in allowing the event to take place in an area with a history of cars flying off the Coronado Bridge. The city had been aware the event would take place.

A separate claim states that the city failed to provide precautions from vehicles and debris falling from the road down onto Chicano Park.

City of San Diego officials say that they cannot discuss details about the claims until they are settled or closed.

The City Attorney’s office says that the city has 60 to 90 days to pay or send a denial of claim. After that, the claimant can sue and file a complaint with the court.

Four people were killed in the horrific crash and several were injured. Hundreds of community members mourned the victims at a memorial in Chicano Park the following Monday.

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