San Diego Sheriff’s Department

Doorbell Wakes Escondido Woman to Suspected Burglar

Frantic doorbell ringing woke up an Escondido woman who discovered a suspected burglar in her home Wednesday morning, according to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

Once awake, Emily Robleza rushed to see who was at the door from a side window at around 9:30 a.m.

Robleza said she saw a man in a grey hoodie. At first, she thought he may have been a landscaper.

But then she heard her sliding glass door shatter.

“When I heard the glass shatter, I knew it wasn't any yard worker. I knew their intention was to come into the house and steal something," Robleza told NBC 7.

She ran back upstairs, climbed out her bedroom window, stepped out on her pergola, and quietly made her way across it.

“I think I broke that,” Robleza said, talking about the outdoor structure.

She then took a four-foot leap to her roof and called the police.

“I suppose you do what you can when you're in that circumstance,” Robleza said.

The man reportedly left empty-handed before deputies arrived at the scene on Cortez Avenue. Robleza said the suspect may have left when he realized she was home.

Deputies did not release any more information about the suspected intruder.

As for her neighbors, they said they didn’t hear a thing.

“It’s a little scary, but things happen everywhere,” said Jim Hoyt, a resident in the area.

Robleza said the rapid doorbell ringing may have been a way for the man to see if anyone was home.

The Escondido Police Department and the San Diego Sheriff’s Station responded to the scene.

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