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Erosive Cliffs Near Point Loma Nazarene University Deemed ‘Unstable'

Surfers and swimmers use the cliffs as “unofficial footpaths” to get to the beach below

Students at Point Loma Nazarene University were warned of unstable cliffs near campus that are commonly used to access the beach below. 

The university sent an email to students alerting them to be careful when going down the cliffs near the campus, several sections of which have eroded and collapsed recently.

Surfers and swimmers use what the university called “unofficial footpaths” to get to the beach below.

The city of San Diego recently sent an engineering geologist to visit the area, who recommended the paths not be used. 

In a statement, the city said the geologist "determined that the cliff erosion observed was part of the ongoing erosion that is common for the area. Erosion has been observed here for some time. He recommended that unofficial trails or paths not be used due to the potential for additional erosion.”

Some students are being more cautious, but not letting it hinder their use of the path. 

“Obviously, you want to take precautions and definitely after seeing it, you don’t want to go lay down by the cliff in the sand, but walking down you just look out," surfer and student Andrew Niemann said.

Carlsbad resident Dick Marrs said it is not changing his plans to use a beach he has been using for decades.

“I’ve been surfing down here for 40+ years and slides happen," Marrs said. I don’t see major changes in the topography and I think it’s business as usual. The surf is good today; it’s a beautiful day.“

The University said it sent the alert “out of an abundance of caution,” and that no one had been injured.

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