Enough Already

Wearing sweats and boots, Linda Cummings laughed nervously with the firefighters standing in the muddy water outside her home. Her hair still wet, she tried to explain what was happening to her home on Applewood Road. 

“It’s a mess. It’s just water and mud,” she said watching Santee fire crews set up the sump pump on her patio. “ It’s just a mess.”

Cummings' home was flooded a little bit after the rain on Tuesday but the damage was nothing like what happened in Wednesday's storm.

Rain created trenches and mud holes and pushed muddy water from the yard into her home. “My whole patio was probably five inches deep with water and it started coming into the living room,” she said.

On Tuesday, she said she had removed 200 gallons of water using 5-gallon buckets but this time around, she called the firefighters and they brought in the pump to get the job done easier and faster.

Cummings, who fought back tears at times, was trying to put on a brave face. “It’s not a landslide or anything like that, it’s just an overabundance of water,” she said trying to look for the positive.

In fact, she pointed out, she was scheduled to get new carpeting in just a few days.

“My house is still standing and I’m still breathing,” she said with a small smile. “I have to look at it that way.”

Other viewers have sent in pictures of storm damage from all over the county. Click here to view the gallery or email us your own images at isee@nbcsandiego.com.

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