Elizabeth Smart Storms Out of Court

The Utah woman was kidnapped when she was just 14 years old

Drama in a Utah courtroom in the trial of the man accused  of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart.  She was held captive for nine months. Some of that time was spent in San Diego County.

Smart, arrived at the Salt Lake City Courthouse Wednesday morning but she stormed out of the building later, after a psychiatrist testified that Brian David Mitchell was motivated by a desire to have children.

Mitchell is accused of kidnapping and repeatedly raping Smart. 

The psychiatrist testified that Mitchell talked about having babies so much, that Smart had actually picked out a name for a baby in case she became pregnant by Mitchell.

That's when Smart left the courtroom and didn't return. Smart was kidnapped from her bedroom at knifepoint when she was 14 years old.

The defense doesn't dispute that fact that Mitchell kidnapped Smart but says he's not responsible because he's mentally ill.  Mitchell has been removed from the courtroom several times during his trial for singing and being disruptive.

Smart and her alleged abductors spent some time living in a trailer in Lakeside, according to local authorities involved in the investigation after her 2003 abduction.  Mitchell was arrested in February 2003 for breaking into a Lakeside church. He gave deputies the name Michael Jenson at the time of his arrest and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of vandalism. After a brief stint in jail, Mitchell was fined and recieved probation.

Deputies said at the time of his release, they had no reason to believe that Elizabeth Smart was in the San Diego area or that he was connected to the abduction.

Deputies said they ran Mitchell's fingerprints and found no outstanding warrants.

It wasn't until two weeks later that they learned the man they had arrested was in fact wanted by police in Utah.

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