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El Cajon Airbnb Host Says Company Erred During Dispute With Guest

NBC 7 Responds comes to aid of Airbnb host who says guest stole from her

Cheri Siebler considers her Airbnb listing as more of a wellness center instead of just a room to rent.

“I was hoping to attract people who are trying to overcome grief,” Siebler told NBC 7 Responds.

“Whatever their obstacles might be in life, that if they were looking for kind of an escape they could come to San Diego and see the great things that America's finest city has to offer.”

But Siebler says she was the one who hit major obstacles when a guest arrived in August of this year.

She forgave the guest about showing up with another person who was not on the original reservation, that is, until she smelled cigarette smoke emanate from their room.

“I have a very strict policy of no drugs and no smoking,” said Siebler. “I'm not a big prude.I have an area you can go smoke on the other side of the pool.”

Siebler said she called Airbnb to tell them about the extra guest and about the cigarette smoke.

After calling, Siebler made another call, this time to a friend, asking him to come over just in case something bad happened.

“When he got to my place he said he saw drug paraphernalia and litter outside of their car in my driveway,” said Siebler.

It was the last straw for Siebler. She told the two guests they had to leave. Before they left the guest called Airbnb to complain that Siebler had unfairly kicked her out and demanding that Airbnb refund her money, which the company agreed.

Siebler also said after they left she began to notice that items had gone missing from her house.

She said she called Airbnb about the refund that they gave to the guest and to report the lost items.

She said Airbnb did not return her calls.

“I just felt they had no regard for me and my property,” said Siebler.

That’s when Siebler said she decided to call NBC 7 Responds for help.

“Almost instantly after I contacted NBC 7 Responds, I got a call from Airbnb,” said Siebler. “They were like, OK, we're going to take care of it.”

Siebler said the company refunded her the nightly rate as well as paid to change the locks and install new sensors for her security alarm.

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