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Pedestrian Killed in Hit-And-Run in Egger Highlands

The San Diego Police Department is investigating if a tipster was the personwho fatally hit a pedestrian in Egger Highlands Sunday night before taking off. 

A 35-year-old woman called SDPD to tell them she hit something. Investigators on Friday were working to determine if what she hit was a man the night before.

The man was struck by a vehicle that fled on the the 1500 block of Palm Avenue near 16th Street just before 8:45 p.m. on Sunday. 

Medics performed CPR on the victim before taking them to the hospital. Police confirmed the victim had succumbed to their injuries at aorund 11 p.m.

SDPD has not arrested the woman who called police. Officer Robert Heims said they spoke with the woman but the crash was still under investigation. 

A witness told NBC 7 they saw a pedestrian walking in the middle of the street before they were hit. He said the victim rolled over the hood of the car and was thrown to the ground.

He ran to help the victim and saw that he was breathing, but not moving.

Police did not have a description of the suspect vehicle. According to the witness, the victim was hit by a burgundy Jeep. He said the driver stopped momentarily then turned off the lights and drove off.

No other information was available.

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