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Flyer Advertising ‘Homeless Removal Hotline' Upsets East Village Airbnb Customer

A flyer posted inside a San Diego Airbnb rental is raising questions about how the homeless are treated and how they should be treated.

The flyer in question was posted on the refrigerator in an East Village rental property near downtown San Diego.

It advertised a so-called “Homeless Hotline” hosted by the Downtown San Diego Partnership, and claimed that if you call the number, trained personnel will -- quickly and easily -- remove and relocate homeless people in the area.

Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP) does have a number for people to call, but it’s not a hotline for homeless relocation as the flyer suggested.

DSDP President and CEO, Betsy Brennan, said the partnership operates an outreach program that connects homeless people with resources and services.

The partnership also operates the Clean & Safe program, which consists of crews that, as Brennan said, work "24/7 to ensure the public cleanliness and general safety of Downtown San Diego. This includes enhanced services like power-washing, gum removal, tree-trimming, directional assistance, and security escorts."

DSDP recommends people call 911 if there is ever a serious problem with anyone in the neighborhood.

Brennan said DSDP reached out to the Airbnb operator and he agreed to take the flyer down.

The operator told NBC 7 he misinterpreted the programs and services DSDP provides. He took the flyer down as soon as he realized it and said he was incredibly sorry.

Andrew Nairne works in the East Village and sees people who have fallen on hard times every day.

“There’s no call and quick fix for the homeless problem in San Diego,” he said.

Nairne said he couldn’t believe the flyer when he saw it on Twitter. An Airbnb customer shared it and it made the rounds throughout the online community.

An Airbnb spokesman said they expect customers and clients to have the utmost respect for their communities.

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