District Warns Parents of Incident With Student Walking Home from School

The school warned parents about an attempted kidnapping but deputies are investigating the incident as a suspicious person

A North County school advised parents of an incident involving a student walking home after school last week. Two men approached the student in a vehicle and asked him if he wanted to get it.

The Rancho Santa Fe School District described the incident as an attempted kidnapping but law enforcement told NBC 7 they did not consider it one.

The incident occurred on October 19 at approximately 3 p.m. while the 13-year-old boy was walking home from Earl Warren Middle School on Stevens Ave. in Solana Beach.

One of the men asked the teenager, “Hey kid, you wanna get in?” but the student kept walking, according to the Rancho Santa Fe School District.

The student heard the suspects ask the same question to other children nearby but witnessed no one getting into the car.

Both men did not exit the vehicle.

Sgt. Joe Tomaiko with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said deputies did not consider the incident to be an attempted kidnapping since there was no overt attempt to take the student. 

No other victims or witnesses have come forward, Tomaiko said. 

According to the school district, one suspect was described as in his late 20s with brown curly hair and wearing sunglasses. The second suspect is in his early 30s and bald. They were driving a modern dirty blue Chevrolet sedan with unknown license plates.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department would like to remind parents and school officials to educate their children/students of the proper way to handle similar situations and to remain vigilant while walking to or from school, or whenever in they are out in public.

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