Duncan Hunter Reacts to Wife's Guilty Plea

The following statement was issued by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter after his wife and former campaign manager, Margaret Hunter, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to misuse campaign funds in San Diego on June 13, 2019. 

"I do not have the full details of Margaret’s case, but it's obvious that the Department of Justice (DOJ) went after her to get to me for political reasons. As Margaret’s case concludes, she should be left alone. I am the Congressman, this is my campaign and any further attention on this issue should be directed solely to me.

The DOJ’s prosecutorial actions in this case were led by local U.S. Attorneys who attended Hillary Clinton fundraisers in violation of the Hatch Act. The fact remains that this entire matter should have been handled by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). The DOJ purposely choosing to involve itself in the area where the FEC has primary jurisdiction reveals that their primary agenda was to inflict as much political damage as possible in hopes of picking up a congressional seat. It was politically-motivated at the beginning, it remains politically-motivated now. 

--Congressman Duncan Hunter

 U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter speaks with reporters following a fishing trip with veterans. He discusses the indictments filed against him and his campaign manager/wife Margaret Hunter. 
 Part 2 of the interview with U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter captured on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 in San Diego.
 Days after US Rep. Duncan Hunter seemed to blame his wife, Margaret Hunter, in part for a federal indictment, he told members of the local media that everyone should leave his family out of it. Here’s the statement NBC 7 got after the first speaking engagement for the Republican congressman since his arraignment on suspicion of misusing campaign funds. Hunter...
NBC 7’s Alex Presha speaks to former federal prosecutor Jason Forge about Duncan Hunter’s claim that his indictment was politically motivated by Hillary Clinton supporters.  
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