Firefighters Rescue Ducklings From Storm Drain in Chula Vista

Chula Vista firefighters made a lifesaving albeit unusual rescue when they pulled more than a dozen ducklings from a storm drain Sunday.

The 13 ducklings became trapped in a storm drain near Showroom Place and Fenton Street. The mother duck was nearby for a time but eventually flew away, leaving the ducklings orphaned.

"At this point without the mother, we'll just have to take them so they can be fostered out." Said Chula Vista Animal Control Officer Jaime Valles.

To get the ducklings out of the drain, firefighters had to dip a basket into the drain and scoop them out.

No one knows how long the ducklings were trapped. Luckily, people nearby heard them.

"It sounds like some patrons were leaving a church parked right next to the drain," said Chula Vista Fire Department Battalion Chief Rich Brocchini. "They heard the ducklings down there and then they called the security guard and the security guard called us."

The ducklings were receiving treatment at the animal shelter and in a few days will go to Project Wildlife, a rescue that takes in orphaned animals. When they're old enough, the ducklings will be released into the wild.

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