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Don't Get Conned By Comic-Con Counterfeiters

NBC 7 Responds gives some tips of making sure you don’t get scammed into buying knock-off merchandise.

Throngs of fans are jetting into San Diego for this year’s Comic Con. Thousands will leave with a little something to remember it by.

But whether you’re a comic book aficionado buying a signed graphic novel or a consumer signing on to an online retail website, you must use caution before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

NBC 7 Responds is here with some tips on ways you can avoid getting trapped in a villainous counterfeiter’s hands.

First: Know who the seller is.

Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. Do a quick Google search for any red flags. Also, check for fake reviews.

Next, give the seller’s website a closer look. Search for typos or grammatical errors on the website. Most reputable retailers will make sure those are removed from their site before any potential buyers can spot them.

Also, see if the company lists a business address. Many fraudulent business won’t...for obvious reasons.

Another tip, consumers can always check with the manufacturer to see if the retailer is an authorized reseller.

If your shopping for an item, keep an out for missing labels, or blurred images on the labels. These can be signs of a fake.

Follow these steps and it can not only save you some cash, but can prevent an evil counterfeiter from stealing your hard earned cash.

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