San Diego

Dog Found Caged Along Lakeside Hiking Trail

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services is searching for the owner of a Mastiff found locked in a cage on a Lakeside hiking trail.

Someone heard a dog barking since Monday but Animal Services was not contacted until Wednesday.

The Mastiff was inside a cage that had a note attached, reading: "This dog is being checked on several times a day. He is only here out of pure necessity and it is temporary. Please leave him be. He will have a great home after this."

An officer impounded the dog Wednesday around 10 a.m. off Morning Glory Drive at the Natural Reserve. He is now at the Bonita Animal Shelter, according to Animal Services.

The dog is showing signs of being aggressive. As of now, the staff is waiting for him to get comfortable. 

He will be kept at the shelter until Sept. 16. If the dog's owner does not come forward, and the dog's behavior improves, he will be put up for adoption.

Animal Services will conduct an investigation before letting the owner take the dog back.

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