District Attorney To Reopen Investigation Into Death of Solana Beach Man

The decision to reopen the case comes one week after NBC 7 investigates reported on the victim’s family searching for justice.

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office is reopening the investigation into the death of a Solana Beach man who was allegedly beaten to death in the hallway of his home.

The District Attorney’s Office’s decision comes just one week after NBC 7 Investigates reported on George Sloss’s death.

“We are happy to hear the District Attorney’s Office will reopen my brother’s case,” said Mary Ann Kortemeier, Sloss’ sister.

“Me and my five siblings, as well as George’s two daughters, are hopeful that justice will finally be served.”

Sloss’ fiancè Mendy Cox told NBC 7 Investigates that she and Sloss heard a knock on their door on May 13. Cox stayed on the couch while Sloss answered the front door.

At the door was L. Byron Culver III, a direct descendant of the Culver family, known for farming much of what is present-day Irvine, and the namesake for one of that city’s busiest roads. According to the police report and medical examiner’s report obtained by NBC 7 Investigates, Culver had lent $62,000 to Sloss several years ago. Culver allegedly showed up that night in May to collect a payment.

“George says, ‘Hey buddy, how are you?’” Cox told NBC 7 Investigates. “And, he says, ‘Not good.’ I could literally hear [Culver] breathing heavy, like really hard. George told him to calm down, everything will be ok.”

She said she heard Culver respond, “No, no, it’s not ok. I just want to hit you in your [expletive] face.”

Not long after Cox said she heard two loud thuds and she felt the couch she was sitting on the move.

Cox says Culver punched Sloss in the face. The blow allegedly knocked him off his feet, his head hitting the corner of a wooden table in the couple’s living room. Cox said she stood up and saw Culver kick Sloss in the groin as he lay bleeding and unconscious on the floor.

Cox managed to chase Culver out of the couple’s condo as her fiancè lay in a pool of his own blood but not before Cox says Culver kicked her as she pushed him toward the front door.

“There was just this large pool of blood,” Cox said. “I’ve seen a lot but never, ever in my life have I felt this way. I slid down on my knees to try and stop the bleeding. I feel the back of his head and that’s when I get sick.”

Sloss was treated for a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Culver for felony assault. Culver later bailed out of jail.

Meanwhile, Cox remained at the hospital as Sloss lay in a coma.

“The doctor told me,” Cox said, “that [Sloss] had a turn for the worse and that he was not likely to make it through the day.”

He died four days later.

Soon after Sloss had died Cox learned that the District Attorney’s Office had declined to prosecute Culver.

Cox and Sloss’ two daughters from a previous relationship filed separate wrongful death lawsuits in hopes of compelling county attorneys to prosecute Culver.

Now, the District Attorney’s Office has confirmed they will be giving the case another look. The decision is welcome news for Sloss’ family. 

NBC 7 Investigates reached out to Culver’s attorney but he did not respond.

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