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Del Mar City Council Approves Temporary Moratorium on Short-Term Vacation Rentals

The vote means current rentals can stay operating, but no new ones can operate.

The Del Mar City Council voted unanimously to approve a temporary moratorium on short-term vacation rentals. 

The vote means current rentals can stay operating, but no new ones can operate. This move will give the city time to figure out what they want to do permanently, as well as collect data and conduct further research. 

At the meeting Monday night, many residents and homeowners came out to express their staunch disapproval of the rentals in their beach side neighborhood. They said the issue was a growing problem in their neighborhood. 

Residents said the short-term renters make too much noise, leave a mess behind and cause traffic and parking problems. 

"How would you feel if someone moved in next door to you, but only stayed for a few days and then left behind a mess?" said one Del Mar homeowner. 

Other San Diego coastal communities have rules limiting rentals for fewer than seven days and they require homeowners to obtain permits and pay annual fees. 

"My hope is that we can look at an incremental approach, focus on what are the negative things that are being caused by short term rentals and try to come up with solutions that will improve those things and minimize the impacts on our neighborhoods," said Terry Sinnott with the Del Mar City Council.

On right now, there are more than 250 rentals available in Del Mar right now. 

"I think as long as the homeowners are making sure their renters are responsible and you can do that with contracts and security deposits and things like that, I think its a fantastic way to get more income on the houses and it certainly works out really well for us as renters," said John Squilante, who has used the website for five years to find a place in Del Mar.

Squilante said he didn't see a downside so long as everyone was respectful. 

"If the houses are not being used and the owners are able to derive extra income, I don't see a downside, especially for the community where that extra income is coming in," he said.

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