Debate Continues Over Del Mar Gun Shows

A gun rights supporter presented 3,100 handwritten letters in favor of the gun show at a monthly Del Mar events board meeting Tuesday

Less than a week after the deadly school shootings in Santa Fe, Texas, there is yet another debate on the fate of gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Gun rights advocate Michael Schwartz, with the group San Diego County Gun Owners, presented what he said were 3,100 handwritten letters supporting the gun show at the monthly board meeting of the 22nd District Agricultural Association. The board is in charge of the events at the fairgrounds.

At issue is the fate of the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, which is held at the fairgrounds five times a year, and is said to bring in about $500,000 dollars annually.

It is the second straight month board members have heard from both proponents and opponents of the gun show.

Representatives on both sides of the issue spoke at the board meeting, even though the issue was not on the agenda. Speakers voiced their opinions during the public comment portion of the meeting.

RoseAnn Sharp of NeverAgainCA says the show glorifies a gun culture. She said the second amendment does not protect gun shows.

“Nope, no second amendment issue here when you finally close the gun show at the fairgrounds. It’s time that you stop using state-owned property to profit over the value of living,” said Sharp.

Schwartz said the letters supporting the gun show were written and collected in less than a week and criticized those wanting to put an end to the show.

“They’re taking out their frustration on a legal, safe, educational gun show that has absolutely nothing to do with the crimes they’re frustrated with,” said Schwartz.

Board members could not offer any comment during the public comments because the issue was not on the agenda. It’s expected to put on the agenda at the boards meeting in September.

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