David Rolland Leaves San Diego CityBeat

Longtime editor of San Diego CityBeat announced Thursday that he's leaving the alternative newspaper for a new job.

"Friends and readers: I'm thrilled to announce I'm joining Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins' staff—and melancholy to say I'm leaving CityBeat," David Rolland posted on Twitter just after 3 p.m.

He went on to say that he'll be at CityBeat until mid-March.

Since the paper's associate editor Kelly Davis recently announced she's also leaving soon for freelance work, it's not clear who will take the helm.

Rolland referenced the concern by saying, "It's not going anywhere."

CityBeat launched in Aug. 2002 with Rolland as its first editor.

Under his guidance, the paper has taken a critical view of politics and law enforcement often from a liberal standpoint.

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