Cyclist Crash Victim's Husband Wants Driver Punished

Beatrice Dormoy's husband sends this message to the accused driver: "You deserve whatever the law throws at you"

"Emergency call me now!"

It was the text message William Enloe always feared.

"You know it's life or death when someone says that,” he said.

Enloe got the text message from a friend Tuesday night after a wrong way driver plowed into a group of cyclists on Fiesta Island.

Among those rushed to the hospital was Enloe's wife Beatrice Dormoy.

The Santee cyclist was one of at least two riders who went airborne. The impact of the collision shattered the front windshield of the car.

"When you're walking up to hospital door, your heart is beating fast,” explained her husband. “You’re just wondering what condition she's going to be in. Because really, especially with a car crash like that, cars usually win.”

Enloe remembers the first moment he saw his wife at the hospital.

“I kissed her lightly when she was on the stretcher. I didn’t want to cause any harm."

Images: Car Drives into Group of Cyclists on Fiesta Island

After barking orders at emergency crews, 49-year-old Theresa Owens was taken into custody. She will face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

"You deserve whatever the law throws at you,” exclaimed Enloe. “You almost took my wife's life."

Even though this is the second biking accident Dormoy has suffered in the past three months, she didn’t suffer any broken bones this time around.

Enloe is hoping the accident helps raise awareness.

“For drivers, that there are cyclists around, and you need to keep your eyes open and focused," he said.

We’re learning more about the woman accused of driving into a group of 30 cyclists on Fiesta Island. NBC 7’s Sherene Tagharobi has details.
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